jtable problems..


I'm integrating an external tool that exposes swing components (JPanels) that contain tables (JTable).. strangely, the default celleditors do not work very well when using these panels in a toolwindow or custom fileditor in my plugin; JTextField based editors cannot be edited/focuses and JComboBox-based editors never display the combo-box (actually, I can see it flicker for a fraction of a millisecond but then it goes away..)

This seems to be have something to do with focus-handling, ie focus is removed away from the component/Jtable as soon as it gets it.. !? Could this be the case? Is there a workaround?

These components work fine "outside" IDEA, I have no possibility to replace them with some idea-specific components, but maybe they can be decorated/modified to work inside my plugin?

thanks for any help!



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sorry my fault.. the jtable had a focuslistener that was screwing things up..




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