[ANN] ClearCase Plugin 1.20 released (works with 813 and 3.0)


Warning I only uploaded the EAP version. I will upload the 3.0 version Friday morning CST.


  • Update file cannot be recursive anymore

  • Fixed "OK to All" button on Check In to reset at end of transaction

  • Added "Mark File as Up To Date" option on popup in Check In Project Right Click Options

  • Added Scr Field to Check In and Check In Project. Scr Field is saved to a text file (location is configurable in the properties) for a trigger to pick up.

  • Comments are no longer required but if entered cannot exceed 1 line

  • Added popup box when trying to Check-In a non-modified file.

  • Made ScrField and CommentArea highlight on focus.

  • Change Add File function to maintain comment on directory and on file.

  • Changed All Error Messages to the standard VCS Error Handling. NO MORE scary but benign "General application error, please restart IDEA" popup.

  • Check Out, Check In, Check In Project, and Undo Check Out when ran, properly report files on which the action is inappropriate. The operation will still apply to the files in the correct state.

  • Fixed condition when delete and add of same file happens in the same transaction.

  • When file is hijacked and has been changed, and the user checks it out, a pop-up box asks whether the user wants to keep the hijacked as the checked out file or not.

  • Fix not working deletion of directory (StackOverflow and problem with directory content deletion)

  • Turn off transaction so that incomplete transactions are up-to-date in IDEA

  • Move,rename,delete,add will use the check in project comment for directory check in

  • Remove the Add action. Use Check In Project instead.

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I'm just curious:

  • Why did you restrict the comment field for "Check In Project" to one line? Are there any problems with multiline comments?

  • Why did you remove the "Add" action? Now I have to "Check In Project", deselect the root, and reselect the file I want to add.

Thanks in advance,

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The multi line checkin was causing problem with keyboard accelerators. One line comment field was the simple way to have Enter/Tab accessible to close the popup or go to next gui component. I am no Swing Wiz unfortunately so any other suggestion would be welcome.
Add will be back. I don't remember why we removed it in the first place and since there is no builtin clearcase client I know that has a recursive Add, it would be quickly missed.


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Thanks, and well done for an update to the clearcase plugin. We have to use clearcase and this helps make it
much more usable for refactorings etc.
However, the 1.20 version seems to be a lot slower - just bringing up the ClearCase pull right menu now takes several seconds (about 5) rather than almost immediately as it was in the previous version.
Also, is there any chance of better support for UCM, where an activity needs to be set in order for checkout to succeed? And it would be great to have a way for the plugin to allow you to hijack files (by default when CC is not available) and checkout/checkin later.


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1.20 being slow: it was a nice try to get the action enabled based on the true CC state and should never have been released. It has been already roll back to only enabling action based on IDEA state (you might get actions that are enabled that will failed if invoked because of that). As soon as I find the time to test the new build (I develop at home where I do not have CC) I will release it.

UCM support: We are not using UCM and so I cannot really test it. We have been talking about migrating to it but it is a long way off. I could also try to make the check out and check in pluggable. You could then write a very small "plugin to the plugin" for UCM.

Hijack support: that is a big one on my list. At the very least we will get a undo hijack action. At best a full offline support with hijack conversion on check in project.

Thanks for the feedback.



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