new project via FTP without downloading [en][ru]


I need work with site via FTP, but site has very many files and if i try to use 

new preject from existing files -> ftp  , phpstorm try to download them all (it takes weeks.  1c-bitrix framework has a lot of files).

 When i ttry to create emty project and browse remote ftp host, i see all remote files but cant edit them.

How can i edit some single remote files without downloading all project ?

(I need to edit files in many folders, so variant to exclude some of folders is unsuitable)




День добрый. Такая проблема.

Надо работать с удаленным проектом 1С-битрикс, в котором миллиард файлов. 

Когда пытаешься создать в phpstorm проект с существующими файлами, доступными через FTP он пытается загрузить их все. 

Можно ли как то править удаленные файлы точечно, не загружая их все ?

(Вариант с исключением папок для загрузки не подходит - пока неизвестно, какие файлы надо будет править )


Спасибо !

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Hi there,

Just create an empty local project and then configure deployment entry later.

Once deployment entry is configured you can use Remote Host panel to browse remote site and download only required files. If panel is not available straight away -- "Tools | Deployment | Browse Remote Host". In general --

P.S. Since v9 you can edit remote files "directly" (IDE will download it into temp location outside of the project and will delete that file once it's closed/project closed). Just note that some of the features will not be available as IDE does not have access to all project file (not enough code completion; possibly wrong warnings etc)

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I thought i can do, but i can't

I have only 1 option "Edit remote file" but when i choose it nothing hapens

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Oh, i have 8-th version of phpstorm. I need upgrage and try again...

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You are using PhpStorm v8.0.1.

Edit remote file functionality is available since v9 only.


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