[ANN] VIM Plugin Released

Announcing the availability of a new plugin that provides VIM emulation for IDEA. This has been implemented and tested under IDEA 3.0.2.

You may download this plugin at http://sourceforge.net/projects/ideavim or from the plugin page at http://www.intellij.org

This initial release has many of the VIM commands:

  • Nearly all motion commands

  • Nearly all insert, delete, and change commands

  • Repeat change

  • Visual mode editing

  • Marks and registers (restored each time IDEA is restarted)

  • True VIM undo/redo (don't use IDEA's undo/redo menus)

  • Counts are honored for all commands.

  • Several Ex commands are supported with range support

I will be adding more features so keep tuned for more updates.


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