Hibernate plugin multiple problems

First, hello everybody :)

- I'm using IDEA 3.0.3 with Linux (Debian 3.0)

- Trying to set the "Hibernate directory home", in the project's settings, automatically gives me a popup : "This directory is not a correct hibernate dir". I've downloaded hibernate 2.0 and I'm pointing to the directory where I've unpacked it .... Any clues ?

- If I try to get the tables list in the "Reverse Generator", I get the following message : "Error in get tables from DB". I've verified the connection's settings, they are correct. (see the stack trace in the attached files)

-Is there a way to make the "Generate" button launch the JVM ?? :) .... In fact, this action tries to launch "\opt\j2sdk/jre/bin/java" (note the backslashes ....). It should try "/opt/j2sdk/jre/bin/java" (if /opt/j2sdk is your "java home").

Does someone could help me ???
Thanks !!


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