starteam plugin contributions

I made some modifications to the default StarTeam VCS plugin for IntelliJ IDEA. I modified the configuration panel to accommodate an alternate working path for the view, and changed checkout routine to accomodate alternate working path as well. I also added a "reconnect" action for use with servers that automatically time out connections after a certain period of time (and for general losses of connection to the StarTeam server). Also, I modified check-in action to prompt for a comment if one is not provided (via Checkin Project) for servers that require a comment when checking in files.

Since this is a default plugin included with IDEA, I didn't want to post it on the regular plugin contributions page. Is there some other way to contribute changes to this plugin, or other default plugins like Tomcat?

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If you send the files to me, we'll be glad to include the changes you've

Best regards,
Mike Aizatsky.

JetBrains, Inc / IntelliJ Software
"Develop with pleasure!"

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Can you please forward the changes to the following mail Id. We want to hook up starteam to Intellij


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