uiDesigner API appears changed migrating from 5.x to 6beta?

I have been successfully using idea v6 beta specifically the goodies-forms.jar
dependent API. No problems. Then I created a simple dialog form (appears
to be dependent on forms_rt.jar). This form won't compile with error:

Error:Error:line (107)cannot resolve symbol constructor GridConstraints (int,int,int,int,int,int,int,int,<![CDATA[,,]]>,int,boolean)

yet my project has both the goodies-forms.jar and the forms-rt.jar from the
beta distribution. The latter jar does have the GridConstraints class.
It appears that this class has changed (st least the constructor has?).
Perhaps the beta distribution inadvertantly included a v5.x forms_rt.jar?

Has anyone created a dislog form under the beta?



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