JBoss + Tomcat Plugin Errors

Hi Experts:

I am using JBoss(3.0.0) which is BUNDLED with Tomcat(4.0.3). I am using IDEA(3.0.1). I am using WIN XP.

I want to INTEGRATE TOMCAT with my IDE and followed instructions at http://www.intellij.org/twiki/bin/view/Main/JBossIntegration

I first installed jbossIntegration\lib directory to my C:\IDEA\plugin and then followed instruction to create web app. My web app name is kithany and created a directory kithany.war in JBoss\server\default\deploy

When a create a NEW Project in IDEA I enter following information:
Name: kithany
Location: C:\Documents and Settings\mkithany\IdeaProjects\kithany.ipr
Target JDK 1.3
Compiler output path C:\JBoss\server\default\deploy\kithany.war\WEB-INF\classes

Project Path C:\JBoss\server\default\deploy\kithany.war
Source Path C:\JBoss\server\default\deploy\kithany.war
Classpath Selected all files in

Later when I RUN. I get a screen wherein I ADD a WebApp with following information:
Web Application Name: kithany (C:\JBoss\server\default\deploy\kithany.war)
Application Server: Tomcat
Debuggee Host: localhost
Debuggee Port: 5050
Catalina Home: C:\JBoss\catalina
Path to Catalina Config: C:\JBoss\catalina\conf
Application context path: \kithany

After clicking APPLY and then RUN I get following ERROR wonder why?



Would really appreciate if you could give some information on above error.

THANKS for your precious time.

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