[ANN] GoToClass plugin v0.2 (support wildcard's in search)

Go to Class plugin v0.2 (supports wildcard's in search)
This action plugin is used to go to classes like IDEA's default go to class action. Except this action can use wildcards in the search for classes.
Searching for all your bean classes is easy as just to type *bean in the input field. You can use more wildcards in the search so a *pluginaction* will find all classes that has plugin and action in it's name. And saction* will find all classes that starts with s and has action in it's name.

The action is installed in the go to menu. And can be invoked with ALT + N.

Regular expression
The action uses the regular expression from JDK1.4. It replaces all * in the input field with .* and adds .* to the end of the string. And it ignores the case.

Copy the gotoclass-plugin.jar file into plugins dir of idea installation.

v0.2 - Debug info for performance. Scrollbar works in classlist. Interface icon in list. Packagename is displayed like in IDEA's go to class dialog. Debug's initialization time if it took more than 1 sec.
v0.11 - Fixed bug if ToStringPlugin was installed also. (conflict in plugin.xml)
v0.1 - Initial alpha version.


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v0.3 just released

v0.3 - Red text in inputfield when no matching classes. Pressing Enter when there is only one class in list will go to it. Cycling to top of classlist if pressing arraw down at the end of list. Movement with arrow up/down keys between input field and classlist possible.


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