[ANN] XPathView 0.3


Changes since 0.2:

- Fixed whitespace handling: text() no longer matches whitespace
inside start tags (...]]>)
- Whitespace inside CDATA sections will no longer be normalized for string()
- Implemented parsing of character reference entities
- Implemented entity resolution for predefined xml entities (& < > ")
- Implemented target-based matching for PIs;
string(processing-instruction()) returns PI-data

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I think that adding support for packages combined with the dependency discovery would make
the sUML plugin even better.

- on right click show 'Add classes recursively' and 'Add package'
- option to 'Add refferenced packages' to diagram this will add the
packages only and not classes
- show dependency arrows from all classes importing classes from the package
- add option not to show arrows to package if the class is already in the diagram
- show interpackage dependencies (this should be made an option)

BTW congratulations for the great job you've done so far :)


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sorry - thus should have been posted as a new thread... :(


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