Datagrip feedback

I liked the demo version enough to buy a license and have been using it as my main Postgres sql development tool for writing stored functions.  I come to it from a background of many years of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and the MySQL Workbench for a couple years.  I'm running Datagrip on Windows 7 pro, installed and works fine there.  My thoughts:

 - It is already a great product.  It definitely has some feature gaps but I can work around those, mostly by using pgAdmin3 for database, schema, table and permission administration.  IOWs, it lacks real admin tools but makes up for it with a truly elegant and efficient coding interface.

 - I spent some time tweaking the darcula colors and mappings and really love it.

 - The code completion and metadata checking generally work well and don't get in my way too often, but sometimes new objects simply don't get recognized, even after refreshing the object tree and even clearing caches.

 -  Sometimes, the colorization doesn't keep up with scrolling, I have to stop and click in an area that goes all red and then it recolors itself.  Annoying bug that I'm sure will get fixed but not a showstopper.  In fact, no showstoppers.

 - I saw the comments by John Carpenter and agreed with several, but was also unaware of some of the fixes/proper usage and have started using the Projects with an attached folder tree that is also my git tree so I'm always in sync now, love that.

 - In particular, switching database connections on a query window was frustrating and baffling until I saw the note on the connection switcher at the bottom of the screen.

Keep up the great work!

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what "not good" (soft form of BAD :-) ) - it not possible to switch schema in same connections for run SQL script on same server just on different schema


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