Completion with custom icons ?


I'm using getVariants() in order to have completion in specific xml files and i'd like to know if it's possible to define custom icons for the lookup items.

Thank you.


have a look at LookupItem, I can post some sample code if you need help


Thanks Yann !

How do you know that ? Javadoc says "getVariants) Returns the array of String, PsiElement and/or CandidateInfo instances" ... Anyway thank you.

Another question, now i have my icon and my bean name (SpringFramework) but i want to have the class of the bean too (right aligned like in idea own completion for attributes). Do you have any clues ?


your LookupItem must look like this:


Thanks a lot Yann.

I've just released deaSpring 1.1 thanks to the infos you gave me.


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