Overriding syntax error highlighting for Java file types

I am working on a plug-in that accomplishes a semantic goal similar to what GroovyBeans provide in the Groovy language. I have defined a "@Property" annotation for fields which is meant to convey an implicit getter/setter for said field in the containing class. The value proposition is that it saves a lot of boiler plate code for the sake of a simple accessor.

I am currently using an implementation of 'ClassInstumentingCompiler' to add the getters/setters to the class with bytecode instrumentation and this works well.

The problem is that any time a usage of an implicit getter and setter is encountered by IDEA an "unknown symbol" error is shown as an obvious consequence of the absence of the method definitions in the source. My question is: Is there any way to override this behavior using a plug-in without creating a full blown language plug-in in conjunction with a new file type?

Any comments, suggestions or a point in the right direction would help greatly. Thank you.

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