and Plugin Manager question

When I upload a new version of my plugin the new version shows up in Plugin
Manager but, no matter what version you currently have, Plugin Manager will
say "all up to date" if you just try to update it. But, if you "manually"
download it. That is, go to the 'available' tab and install the new version,
the new version gets installed but now the plugin shows up in the
'installed' tab but the available tab will now say you don't have the plugin
installed at all even though it shows the just installed version and the
"available" version as the same. What am I doing wrong? When I upload the
plugin, I use the "Upload new version" form. I tried changing my build
number from 2.0-b9 to 2.0.9 thinking it something to do with the letter in
the build number but that didn't help.

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