DiffFile Plugin v1.3

Version 1.3 is available at:


(Sorry for the delay in getting the plugin updated to build 642
compatibility. I was unable to do much of anything for about a week due
to a family emergency. Thanks to Vinay Moharil for recompiling with 641
in the meantime.)

Changes since v1.2:

- IDEA Build 642 or so changed the API for
the DiffPanelFactory, breaking older versions of
this plugin. This build uses the new API.
- Renamed the DiffPanelWrapper to the more appropriate
- Changed to using the JFrame version of the viewer
in the plugin. (Mostly because it no longer avoided
the copy/paste bug to use a dialog -- see the NOTE.)
- Added some features from Mike Aizatsky's work on a
DiffWindow for the StarTeam plugin
- keyboard shortcut for the escape key to close
the window
- added the diff icon to the JFrame
- use the DimensionService to remember the size
of the viewer windows
- dispose of things correctly by overriding the
dispose() method of the window.
- Changed the DiffViewerDialog class that so that it
uses a JDialog instead of a DialogWrapper.
NOTE: Now both the JFrame and Dialogs seem to have a
problem with getting the copy and paste buttons
working. I will attempt to have this fixed (assuming
it is something I can fix) by the next release.



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