Modifying config xml files from other modules.

Hi. In our project when we move to a new story card we change a live template for our fix comments (eg "// FIX SC234"), modify a todo pattern and filter to filter for these fixes, then select that filter. We also set the CVS checkin comment to the card id.

I've managed to find these details in various XML files:
config/options/other.xml for the TODOs, config/templates/user.xml for the live templates and project.iws for the cvs checkin. I'd like to write a plugin that would ask for the card number and make these changes.

Can anyone give any suggestions about how I might do this. I'm assuming if I just edit these files directly while IDEA is running, they will just be overwritten and I can't find anything in the OpenAPI to do with LiveTemplates or TODOs.


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