Any way to tap IntelliJ calls to a VCS subsystem?

I am trying to get the Synergy/CM plugin to support refactoring inside IntelliJ 4.5.4. I have the plugin
doing the basics of version control now, i.e., checkout, check in, create task, check in task, etc. which
work fine for individual file changes made one at a time. But to support mass file refactorings, I think
I need to intercept IntelliJ write operations to first check to see if the file is writable, and if not,
check it out under the current task.

Sounds like a simple XML change someplace, but where? Anyone have any ideas on this subject?

How does the ClearCase plugin handle refactoring inside IntelliJ? With CVS-like VCS tools, this is not an issue,
but with forward delta-ing tools like ClearCase and Synergy/CM, this presents a huge usability issue.

Any help out here?


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