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Has anyone got JavaHelp working for a plugin. Whatever I try I always get the following message on System.err:

HelpSet jar:file:////home/maas/apps/ideadev/help/ideahelp.jar!/idea/Help.hs not found

even for IDEA help topics. When I remove the helpset element from my plugin.xml, IDEA help topics work correctly again...



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On Fri, 18 Mar 2005 01:25:49 +0300, Maas van den Berg wrote:

Has anyone got JavaHelp working for a plugin.

I just tried it with a jarfile created from the contents of
<> placed in
$/help/ and this helpset element in my plugin.xml :


and it worked fine - no errors at all. I can invoke the help viewer
correctly from a toolwindow button and an application-level settings
panel. This was with build 3245.

Mark Scott


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