Using IntelliJ Code Format Java Files From Outside of IntelliJ

So, in case you find the subject line confusing, here's what I am trying to do:

I like the IntelliJ built in CodeStyle engine. I think it is very rich in features and integrates very well with the IDE. However, I also want to apply a standard Code Style to my backend CVS repository so any committed Java files will be automatically formatted according to the project Code Style. I can Jacoby or Jalopy to do that but then I would either have to come up with an IntelliJ CodeStyle scheme that matches the Jacobe/Jalopy style or in case of Jalopy, use the Jalopy plugin instead of IntelliJ built in support. Like I said, I really like the IntelliJ built in support better than Jalopy plugin so I am looking for a way I can write a java program external to IntelliJ that will use idea.jar & openopi.jar and invoke the CodeStyle API to reformat the Java files.

Has anyone done this (or something simmilar) before?

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