IDEA Tracker could be used to promote the OpenAPI

I had an idea about the IDEA Tracker. Sometimes, when I file a bug or RFE, I wonder if that functionality could be implemented in a plugin with the IDEA OpenAPI. I think the IDEA Tracker should have a field called "Could be implemented as plugin" with a few values "No" "Easy" "Medium" "Difficult, but possible".

This would help IDEA in several ways:
1. Promote the capabilities of the OpenAPI, which developers may not realize is so powerful (I have been surprised several times, when something I assumed wasn't there, was there)
2. Encourage IDEA users to implement the RFE (or bug fix) as a plugin, instead of waiting for JetBrains to fix it.

What does everyone think about this? I haven't filed an official ITN Tracker request for this because I thought we could all talk about it first.

Also, when this was in place, there could be a website on ITN somewhere (or maybe which lists all RFE's (and bugs) which could be implemented as plugins, so this would work as a sort of a "plugin help wanted ads", and as a place to go for people who want to write a plugin, but don't necessarily know what to write.

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