Handling external changes in VCS API

Right now PerforcePlugin doesn't handle external changes well. It can
provide the external changes with the right status but while checking in,
the CheckinDialog doesn't show those changes. I was thinking of 3 possible
ways to fix this.

1. Make the CheckinDialogImplementor take the custom status provider instead
of the localvcs status provider to determine the changes.
- any way to do this ?

2. return false from markExternalChangesAsUpToDate and then when external
changes occur markAsCurrent the ones you want to ignore.
- Is there a way to listen to the files that were changed externally

3. return true from markExternalChangesAsUpToDate and provide the checkin
dialog with additional files you want to show in the difference tree.
- again anyway ?

What is the best way to do it ? How is it handled in other VCS plugins ?

Thanks in advance for help,

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