Can the newly opened api allows to extend the refactoring (rename/move)

Up until now, there was no way to extend refactorings such as rename/move to pick up custom framework constraints.
This is the case of renaming a field that would understand the naming convention of the bean spec and rename the associated setter and getter.
Similarly, in the JUnitTest plugin, if a method is renamed or a class is moved, the associated test element will be renamed or moved according to the project test organization pattern. Unfortunately it was done through 2 refactorings: first the method/class, second the test method/class. The user has to go through 2 refactorings dialogs and can cancel the second one which would not cancel the first refactoring.

All this preamble to ask this: does the new api allow to add refactoring targets/actions to the list of usages?


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I don't have an answer, but the very same question.
Jacques, or sombody else: Any news on this?

(I'd like to move/rename some keys in sets of internationalized properties files when a constant is renamed/moved.)

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Oops, never mind - just found the "Listening for renaming/moving of classes" topic from Gordon Tyler, who seems to be doing exactly the same plugin.


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