getUserData in 1050

I'm confused! (...this is not unusual, I might add!)

In 1050, com.intellij.openapi.util.UserDataHolder.getUserData needs a com.intellij.openapi.Key argument but com.intellij.openapi.Key is not in openapi.jar (only in idea.jar).

If I order idea.jar before openapi.jar I get a compile error...

cannot access com.intellij.util.Key
file com\intellij\util\Key.class not found

If I order openapi.jar before idea.jar I get a syntax error...

getUserData(com.intellij.util.Key]]>) in UserDataHolder
cannot be applied to

I'm getting this with the FunkySearch plugin source.

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Sorry...just saw that openapi.jar has been moved to lib/dev. Problem is no more.

Resuming subdued state, not unlike unconsciousness...


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