Custom components in toolbar? - Custom "run"-targets


I wonder if it (is|could be made) possible to put custom components, for example a combobox (like the run-configuration) inside the idea-toolbar
(and not only image-buttons).

An alternative for me could be if there would be a plugin-extension-point in the run-debug-configuration. This would mean a plugin could extend the run-debug-configuration-dialog with its own panel, perhaps making use of a uniform api for managing abstract configurations using the standard list- & dialog-behaviour.

If necessary, I could of course manage the tab-panel's content myself and would only need the ability to put the tab there and to define with which icon the entries should be shown in the configuration-combo.

Has someone ever done or intended to do something similar?
Thanks for any response.

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This has been an old request. Search for it in the archive.
The short answer is that it isn't possible. The long answer is that you can simulate yourself the behavior of a combobox while using a standard button action.
I believe like you that in the long run IDEA needs to have more than buttons in its toolbar. When I asked for this I needed a JTextField in it for quick entry.
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Thanks, I've voted.


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