Is it possible to override(or hook to) IDEA project build ?


Is it possible to customize files build by file type/location?
For instance I use JasperReports that
stores report layout in XML format.
I have to compile those XML files into .jasper files
(using JasperReports API).
The files that are used at runtime are .jasper ones.
Consequently at my deployment location i need only
.jasper files.
IDEA's build will always copy the input XML files
to corresponding location. I wonder if instead of
that I can specify that for certain files at certain
location I want to run a certain processing task.
(In this particular case JasperReports.CompileManager.compile or smth like that)
I can do it in the ant script (haven't tried it yet,
but I think it is doable), but having that opportunity
in the IDE would make my life a little bit easier.
Currently I simply have to keep the compiled versions
of those files(namely .jasper) under my project files

Appreciate any help

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