Standard JTree with LookAndFeel like in "TODO" or "Messages" of Ant Build


I've just started with plugins and it is interesting whether it possible or not to have LookAnfFeel of JTree like ToolWindows "TODO" or "Messages" of Ant Build have?

I tried to use:

DefaultMutableTreeNode topNode = new 
DefaultMutableTreeNode("Top node");
DefaultMutableTreeNode aNode = new DefaultMutableTreeNode("Folder one");
aNode.add(new DefaultMutableTreeNode("Leaf one"));
final JTree tree = new JTree(topNode);
final JScrollPane treeView = new JScrollPane(tree);
LookAndFeel.installColorsAndFont(treeView, "Tree.background", "Tree.foreground", "Tree.font");

but it dosn't look either nice.


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