GWT Plugin + IntelliJ = Infinite loop.

I used IntelliJ 7.03 to create a new Java Project with a GWT facet, no other facets. However, at the end of the creation process IntelliJ goes into an Infinite loop.
It seems to be switching between Project view an Structure over and over again.

The last entry in the idea.log file is:
2008-04-14 14:27:58,973 INFO - l.idCache.ImmutableIdCacheImpl - rebuilding cache: cache file does not exist

But I don't think this is where IntelliJ is caught in an Infinite loop.
After killing IntelliJ I can open up the GWT project that was created.

I last used the GWT plugin back in November and didn't experience this problem.

Any clues/suggestions ?

Edited by: Rob on Apr 14, 2008 2:52 PM

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