XPathView + XSLT Plugin filter expression

I noticed that when using the w3schools tutorial on XSLT
If I change the filter expression:




A squiggly line will be inserted under the <
I don't know if this is called an Intention or Intellisense,
however since it parses ok for > I assume < would also be supported.

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I should also note that this Plugin is very noisy when not being used: in my log file I am getting:

2008-05-12 17:18:39,949 INFO - ij.lang.xpath.xslt.XsltSupport - Unsupported XSLT version: 2.0

Even when I am not using it. My guess is that there is a clash in Jar files and IntelliJ proper is picking up
changes to the environment that the XPathView + XSLT Plugings have made.

When I uninstall those pluggins the error goes away.

-Rob Leland


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