Unable to add static content to Websphere Liberty profile Server


I am using the WAS Liberty Profile Server and trying to configure the deployment to add a war artifact and also deploy some static content in the server.
I've tried various methods to do this but no success yet. I haven't found any guide on how to do this so have turned to forums.

I've tried the following:

1. define static folder as a webapp in project structure and add to deployment as an artifact
result:It was not possible to infer the application type for application staticFolderName from the location pathToStaticFolder

2. in server configuration under deployment tab added External Source

result:It was not possible to infer the application type for application staticFolderName from the location pathToStaticFolder

Both methods throw following exception.

[err] Exception in thread "Default Executor-thread-5"
[err] java.lang.NullPointerException
[err]  at java.util.Hashtable.put(Hashtable.java:553)
[err]  at com.ibm.ws.app.manager.internal.ApplicationConfig.getServiceProperties(ApplicationConfig.java:108)
[err]  at com.ibm.ws.app.manager.internal.ApplicationConfigurator$NamedApplication.register(ApplicationConfigurator.java:215)
[err]  at com.ibm.ws.app.manager.internal.ApplicationConfigurator$NamedApplication.switchApplicationState(ApplicationConfigurator.java:263)
[err]  at com.ibm.ws.app.manager.internal.statemachine.ApplicationStateMachineImpl.enterState(ApplicationStateMachineImpl.java:1084)
[err]  at com.ibm.ws.app.manager.internal.statemachine.ApplicationStateMachineImpl.performAction(ApplicationStateMachineImpl.java:1012)
[err]  at com.ibm.ws.app.manager.internal.statemachine.ApplicationStateMachineImpl.run(ApplicationStateMachineImpl.java:787)
[err]  at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:1156)
[err]  at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.run(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:626)
[err]  at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:780)

I'm evaluating Intellij here at work and this is an important feature I need to help my case.

thanks in advance

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I'm not sure what is the structure of your deployment.
IDEA expects any content (including the static one) to be wrapped into the artifact (WAR artifact in your case).

Please post a screenshot of the artifact structure (for your case 1) or provide minimal sample reproducing the issue.
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thanks for the reply. I've started in a new company and don't have authority to change project structure (yet!) so have to work with what I have. They currently have a lot of static content that is hosted on the file system locally. I want to reference this in Liberty Profile server.

When done in eclipse, entries in the liberty profile server.xml are correctly created for the war and the static content as follows:

<webApplication contextRoot="/" location="{pathToStaticContent}" name="staticStuff"/>

<webApplication contextRoot="xxx" id="mywebapp" location="mywebapp.war" name="mywebapp"/>


Trying to add the static content by creating a deployable artifact ( from my 1. suggestion above) here is the screenshot for what I'm trying to do.



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Please try to add static content resources as describe here:
If you have permission to change project structure -- look at:
And note that during the deploy process, by default, the resources are copied into the root of the output directory. 
Hope that helps
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I just saw this post, I work for IBM on WAS Liberty, that NPE looks strange to me. What version of WAS Liberty are you using?

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I have the same issue. I am using Websphere Liberty

BR /Lasse

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@Lasse can you provide the server configuration you are using?


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