Play web app debugging broken? (Play 2.3.8/Latest IDEA EAP build)

Is it just me or it's broken?

I created a play web app using the reactive stock template, then set break points and try to debug, but the breakpoints never stops execution.


Found the problem. It's not IDEA, but I should have disabled the fork of new jvm in build.sbt.


OMG!  Thanks.  I've been going nuts over this and google searches don't tell you a thing.

Typesafe activator templates set "fork in run := true" in the sbt file.  This might be a new aspect in all activator templates since I don't recall this issue before.   

Intellj cant't follow the forked JVM and that JVM probably isn't even configured to debug. As a result, the Intellij debugger attaches to the SBT runtime instance, but not to the app you want to debug.

Changing the setting to false stops the fork and enables debugging with intellij.  This also fixed the problem of the browser not launching automatically on run.  


I hit this issue today as well.  Couldn't figure out why breakpoints weren't being hit.  Thanks


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