Problems with 15 EAP on Mavericks?

I've just installed the current custom bundle 15 EAP on OSX for the first time and I'm having major problems. Is the custom bundle OK on Mavericks? IDEA is causing major system instability and locking up the system for minutes at a time. The screen is full of rendering issues and flickers constantly, it shows as utterly garbled. At first it appeared to be working, took a long time to index and then complained about the spring config mappings. I'd just started to modify and remap some of those and everything locked up and went crazy. Evenutally it allowed me to quit, but restarting the EAP causes the same problems all over again. I'm not short of threaddumps it seems.


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Are you sure it's not a hadware issue, like poor CPU/GPU/RAM cooling? Heavy load can cause overheat and system instability.

Try 14.1.5 with stock JDK 1.6 and with custom JDK 1.8: . Do you have the same problem?

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This happened minutes after installing IDEA 15 EAP and it was pretty much the only thing running (except chrome). Terminal I started after things went sideways to kill all java and idea processes as the OS was largerly unresponsive while it was running. After killing the processes the OS eventually returned to normal (had to restart finder due to the screen corruption) and I've never had cooling problems before, base didn't feel that hot at the time.

My IDEA 14 continues to work fine and that is using the older Apple 1.6 runtime, I hadn't used the custom runtime bundle before. I'll have to wait until later before I can try 15 on 1.6 or 14 on 1.8, but I went with the bundle as I know the Apple VM is on its last legs now.

Is ./Library/Logs where IDEA is keeping all the crash logs? struggled to find the working folders. I had lots of ~/.IntelliJIdea12, ~/.IntelliJIdea13 & ~/.IntelliJIdea14 folders but not one for 15? not sure as yet where the settings, plugins and caches are being hidden.

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I've tried 14.1.5 with the custom 1.8 bundle and so far haven't witnessed the same problems (reused my exisiting 14.1.5 config/caches).

Not quite sure where this leaves me with 15 EAP which now seems to start OK, but I don't quite trust enough now to risk losing any more code/time to.

Wondering if the indexing the 15 EAP did made a difference or if the bundled JVM each uses are different? or maybe one of my IDEA 14 plugins migrated into 15 EAP? though it crashed at a strange point (inside module settings) for a bad plugin and the effect was so far beyond any nullpointer or classnotfound incompatibility.


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