EAP15 JavaFx defaults to FXML


I'm new to IDEA and have some exposure to JavaFx using Netbeans. Ultimately I want to use Kotlin with both JavaFx and Android. Because I have some experience with JavaFx, I want to start with that to get some familiarity with IDEA.

Creating a JavaFx application defaults to an FXML project which I do not want. I can and did delete the FXML aspects, but I'm unsure if that has upset some dependencies in IDEA.

I'm using Kotlin EAP Ultimate (IU-143.116) with JDK

What is the correct way to create a non-FXML JavaFx project using IDEA 15 EAP?

Thanks, Brian

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Hi Brian,

you may delete .fxml file, just don't forget to update Main which loads it.



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