When will be usable the AppCode with swift?


I love the Itellij and i use it every day for java development, but the AppCode is a disappointment. I started to develop on ios again after 5 years, so i choose  the swift, but I realized almost nothing works yet in AppCode. The syntax checking, code completion doesn't work or very rarely and randomly, the debugger in a brakepoint sometimes gives weird, wrong values which are different and proper in Xcode. As i remember it was in case of some kind of generic class. I think the Xcode is ineligible for a serious project. Therefore The AppCode would be the best, if i could use it like the Intellij with Java. 

I tried with OC-145.1616.7 (EAP) and the previous released version.


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And finally AppCode 2016.2 EAP is out, so please check it out

Ferenc, we are really sorry to disappoint you with Swift support. We really do our best to deliver new features as quickly as we can. Namely, syntax highlighting via SourceKit will be available in the first 2016.2 EAP pretty soon. Other features to come during 2016.2 EAP as well.



Hi, i tried the latest EAP, but it still looks very hmm.."under construction"..The most striking shortcoming is that error highlighting is more or less not working at all which makes the editor useless....


I also got some other smaller and bigger remarks:

- hyperlinks ( e.g. overriding methods, etc. ) do not work consistently

- no possibility to configure indentation for the catch clause

- lots of intention actions missing, e.g. include parameter names in function calls, include ! or ? for optionals, replace ++ with 3.0 compliant code

- how about code reformatting that eliminates superflous ";"? 

- what about generation of comment templates?

But please make sure that the editor is perfect. Currently i switch between xcode and appcode to code ( xcode, really! :-) )



sorry...another one: the eap eats all of my cpus: -)




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