[Help]Install Flex SDK and create a Flex Application



This is my first time using IntelliJ to develop Java so please explain for me if I wrote something wrong!

My issue:
I am trying to run a Flex Project with IntelliJ 15 but currently I don't know how to set up the Flex SDK. I tried to follow this guideline but it didn't help:

When clicked on + button to choose a SDK, it didn't show up Flex/AIR SDK in the Add New SDK list. It is also missing an option to create a Flash Project in Create New Project menu. Did I do something wrong installation or did JetBrains move Flex support to another IDE?

I also tried to follow this guideline by adding the path to the SDK folders but it didn't make any different:

Every help is appreciated!

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Make sure you use IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition, Flex support is not included in Community Edition. Also make sure Flex Support plugin is enabled in Settings | Plugins.

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Thank for your answers!
So it means JetBrains was no longer support FLEX for Community version, right?

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Flex support never was included in Community Edition. Nothing changed at JetBrains side.


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