remote websphere application server 7 connection problem

hi all
i searched but i dont find any solution (sorry if i cant speek english very well )
i'm new in programming under zos
i have a websphere application server v7 in mainframe and i'm going to  write a program under windows IntelliJ Idea 14 and deploy  it to websphere application server
i try to define a server in IntelliJ to deploying program automaticly(on was)
but i have a problem
i can't define remote server to was 7 on mainframe (if i dont wrong, i must install same was 7 in windows for this connection).
so, my first questions :
     do you have a solution that don't need websphere application server 7 in windows for remote connection

we have a WAS 8.5.5 in local widows (full profile)

in configuration of remote was server, i set application server as a local(was 8) and set all server connection parameter to remote (was 7 in zos).
im sure that my parameters correctly set. but i have this error  :

Error connecting to the Application Server:
           ADMC0016E: The system cannot create a SOAP connector to connect to host at port 9552.
           Root cause: [SOAPException: faultCode=SOAP-ENV:Client; msg=Error parsing HTTP status line "   

is this because i have a two diffrent was vesions(8.5.5 in windows and 7 in z/OS)?

thank you

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Indeed, the issue could be related to the difference of versions.

I'd recommend you to install WAS 7 locally on windows and specify it in IDEA.
Alternatively, you may just copy WAS installation folder from z/OS locally and try to specify it as the WAS home in IDEA.
(I never tried this myself, but hope that it may work for you. After all in remote case IDEA will not try to run anything from WS home, it will just load the appropriate jars to use for communication with remote server).

Another possible cause of the issue is security -- please check security settings in IDEA run configuration.

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so thanks Michael,
i think like you in the first probe but i want to see your expriences
but i checked your second probe and dont agree with that. all of security configuration is correct

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I've made some investigation on the issue (see,
and it looks like the only possible reason for the "Error parsing HTTP status line" is that one is trying to connect to a secured WebSphere with an insecured IDEA run configuration.

If you are not sure if your WebSphere is secured or not, you may open WebSphere web administration console: if password is required to enter and/or the protocol of the page is https (not http),
then you can be sure that WebSphere is secured.
In this case you should check 'Use SSL connection' in IDEA run configuration and specify user name + password (same as for the web administration console) and trust/key store + passwords.
Hope that helps

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