Multiple-display workflow

As I love IDEA and generally working on multiple monitors, they don't seem to like each other. I was searching for solutions for this problem and the only thing that I can find is floating mode. But let's be honest - floating mode sucks on multiple displays. Simply because of lack of any form of edge snapping. I can't precisely position my panels and I have to re-size them to take advantage of additional space.

I'd love to have separate panels that acts as native (MS Windows) system window, which snaps to display sides. Also it'd great to have simply floating tool window (tool group) with Eclipse-style docking / splitting layout.

I want to know if it is possible in current version of IDEA and if it's not (which is very likely), where can I submit feature request or something similar? Do JetBrains developers read any suggestions?


Been wanting this capability for years...


I've been working in Visual Studio and their window system is much better than the IDEA has, at least when you have multiple monitors. Seems like there is no solution to make the IDEA better so far.


+1 I agree, would be nice have the chance to allow separate editor windows in floating mode


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