Grails 3, IDEA 15, Dynamic Classpath doesn't work with CommandLineWrapper



I'm trying to run a configuration of an app developed in Grails 3 on Windows.  On Linux i have no problems with the classpath generated by IDEA 15, but in Windows, IDEA prompts with the following error:

Caused  by: CreateProcess error=206, The filename or extension is too long.

Now, I found that for some versions of IDEA, the latter problem can be solved by enabling a dynamic classpath with adding the following line into .idea/workspace.xml:

<component name="PropertiesComponent">
     <property name="dynamic.classpath" value="true"/>

However, with IDEA 15, the configuration for my Grails 3 application won't run prompting with the following message:

Error |
Command not found run-app

What's the proper way of enabling the CommandLineWrapper in IDEA 15?


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I've successfully reproduced your case, I believe the fix will be available in next update.


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