How to undo debug feature alternative source switcher choice?

I just upgraded to intellij 15 and while debugging a class I was prompted to choose one of two sources, per the new debug feature "alternative source switcher". I ended up chosing the other file out of curosity to check out this new feature, and I am now stuck with the wrong version of the source that I am working with (I have a git submodule and a jar file of the same code for ease of development).

How do I undo this choice? Now whenever I put a breakpoint in this file it goes to the jar version of this code, which doesn't give me any debug features since it's just looking at decompiled class files. This is driving me crazy and making it much harder to debug!

Is there anyway to reset the choices you have made using this feature? I looked everywhere for something in the preferences, but you can only turn off the feature (not helpful). I also looked in all .idea files to see if I could find it stored in a file, no luck.

There HAS to be a way to undo this. Can anyone offer up some advice?

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Hi, you need to restart the IDEA :(
It is a bug


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