Adding Path References in Typescript files

Hi All

I'm enjoying IntelliJ 15.0.2 and am generally very happy with it, preferring it to Visualt Studio which I have to use at work.

There is one MAJOR complaint that I have when writing Typescript. There doesn't seem to be any automated way to add the reference statements to the top of the file:

/// <reference path="../Auth/oAuthService.ts" />

I am having to add all these by hand...

The import statements are added  automatically but not these statements.

I am sure that I am probably doing it wrong or have not configured it or something but I have searched and can't find any indication how to fix this.

Please help (or fix it Jetbrains).

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Alt+Enter on reference, Generate reference path comment


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Many Thanks. I thought that there must have been a way to do it!


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