New icon is confusing (relevant "black" part is small and surrounded by coloured noise)


The new icon is confusing and not at all Mac like.
All common applications have a big, one block, icon. See Chrome, Firefox, Skype... you name it.
The new (15.0.2) IntelliJ icon has a small relevant "black" part in the center surrounded by coloured noise.
It was a shock to see it once updated to the new version.

Please follow common and working conventions, it's important. See for example:

See how it appears in my dock. There is a continuum of icon convention except for IntelliJ.

Thanks in advance

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 12.00.32.png

Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Also, I think you come over a little condescending. I am pretty sure JetBrains has professional designers, who are also aware of such guidelines.

In fact one point of the guidelines they have hit spot on: unique shape

Other icons in your dock specifically violate the guidelines: "Important: Avoid using the “rounded tile” shape that users associate with iOS app icons."


Hello, Antonio!
Sorry to hear you find the new icon confusing. We considered a lot of options and selected carefully. The reasons for new icons are described in this blogpost:

As for Mac OS X icons, Apple itself not always uses one-block icons. See icons for Keynote, iMovie, GarageBand, or Game Center.

In IntelliJ's new icon, the colored abstract shapes under the black square are also a relevant part. They create a unique shape and make the icon memorable and noticeable.

Could you please give the new icon a chance and see how you find it in a week or two?


I don't think they are confusing but they are lazy, just blobs of colour with no real purpose but the apps they link are great so I guess I can put up with ugly meaningless icons. As mentioned we all see things differently. I just think they suck.


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