Decompiler stopped working on some classes in 141.2.2

OK, so I'm using 14.0.3 version of IntelliJ IDEA and everything works fine except I can not debug decompiled classes. So I tried EAP version 141.2.2, since it provides such feature. However, some classes stopped being decompiled correctly and all I can see is following stubs...

// IntelliJ API Decompiler stub source generated from a class file
// Implementation of methods is not available

private void someMethod(SomeClass page) { /* compiled code */ }

When I open the very same project in 14.0.3 the very same classes are being decompiled correctly, but when I do this back in 141.2.2 it shows mentioned stubs, even when I double click on these classes from JAR tree. It's worth noticing that it happens only on certain classes. Working and not working classes lay in the same jar. It's really hard for me to detemine any pattern.

Well, it seems like a bug. Could someone be so helpful to assist me to find out what's wrong?

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OK, what I did was to copy java-decompiler.jar file from 14.0.3 to 141.2.2 and decompilation started to work propely on every file, however I still can not debug the code. Breakpoints started to work in a manner that there is a tick right know. (The one that tells that this is a correct debugging line) But the code lines are not aligned so, it's still useless.

I found a public library class that behaves the same! It's BOMInputStream.class from commons-io-2.4.jar. Decompiles on 14.03, does not on 141.2.2.

edit: added a bug


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