DebuggerSupport deprecated - why+alternatives?


For a plugin that I'm developing I need to keep track of the addition, removal or modification of breakpoints by the IntelliJ user.
Currently, I've accomplished this using the class DebuggerSupport in the package com.intellij.xdebugger.impl.
This class allows me to be notified whenever breakpoints are changed by adding a BreakpointsListener through

However, the class DebuggerSupport is marked as deprecated. Therefore, I have the following two related questions:
1) why is this class marked as deprecated?
2) is there an alternative to accomplish the same result without using the deprecated class?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, java debugger was mostly moved to the general IDEA xdebugger infrastructure. DebuggerSupport will eventually go away.
To watch breakpoints add/removal/modification please add your listener using XBreakpointManager.addBreakpointListener.
(obtain an instance with XDebuggerManager.getInstance(project).getBreakpointManager())
You can listen to the modification of all breakpoints or specify only desired type.

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That works! Thanks for your answer and explanation.


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