MacOS JDK on 1.8 gives poor performance


It seems that the performance of IntelliJ on MacOS is much better with JDK 1.6, than with 1.8.

I've been using IntelliJ on MacOS with JDK 1.8 now without major issues (except for some poor performance...) but with the recent 14.0 EAP builds, I first downloaded the version without JDK - which installed and ran on JDK 1.6 on my Mac.

Then I thought, hey, why not upgrade to JDK 1.8, since the JDBC drivers which I have configured are for JDK 1.7 or higher so they don't work... So I downloaded the version of 14 EAP with bundled JDK.

Then I realized that my IntelliJ had been running really snappy on the JDK 1.6 but was really quite sluggish on JDK 1.8, possibly even more sluggish than 13.1 was on JDK 1.8!

Switching back to the other installation, which runs on JDK 1.6, and performance is again very good.

I'm not sure but I do think that JDK 1.8 uses more RAM - however that shouldn't cause a slowdown as the machine has plenty of RAM to keep up with an increased use by IntelliJ.

Does this mirror the experience of others?

NB: In case it's relevant, I use IntelliJ almost exclusively for development of a Grails application, so my performance observations are limited to editing of Groovy files.

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I tried the latest Idea 14 Ultimate with the bundled JDK1.8, and I had severe performance issues also.

My system hangs for a second every few seconds as long as Idea is running...

ideaIU-139.144.2 with JDK6 works just fine.


I'm also running the latest Idea 14 EAP with bundled Jdk 1.8, but I do not see any obvious performance issues.
Certainly nothing like my laptop freezing periodically.
Perhaps there are some other factors involved.
I'm running on an 8GB MacBook Air 2012 with Yosemite (10.10).



Hardware Overview:

  Model Name: MacBook Pro

  Model Identifier: MacBookPro10,1

  Processor Name: Intel Core i7

  Processor Speed: 2,8 GHz

  Number of Processors: 1

  Total Number of Cores: 4

  L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB

  L3 Cache: 8 MB

  Memory: 16 GB

  Boot ROM Version: MBP101.00EE.B05

  SMC Version (system): 2.3f36

Maybe it's my rather excessive JVM settings:













Specs of my MacBook:

Model Name: MacBook Pro 15-inch, begin 2011
CPU: 2 GHz Intel Core i7
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6490M 256 MB
RAM: 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Software  OS X 10.9.5 (13F34)

No unusual JVM startup settings that I'm aware of, left everything to the IDEA installation defaults.



I don't see any performance issues, but it does crash consistently(a few times per day) with the 2D AWT queue flush error. Are you guys seeing this? I did install the Oracle JDK separately.


I am now running RC3 with the bundled JDK8 and see now noticable performance issues any more.

I find it a bit strange but I'll continue to run on JDK8 for the time being!


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