Overriding GWT dev mode parameters


was anybody successful with overriding gwt dev mode parameters ? When I use GWT run configuration, then parameters like -war, -startupUrl are passed automatically by IJ. And if I pass them as "Dev mode parameters" option, then they are simply appended to the command. But then java decide to use only first of them - hence IJs. I'm using Oracle Java 7.

In case of "startupUrl" console shows two URLs, but IJ start browser with first of them, which is enforced to by default.

Because of server side I need to fake authorization in Apache and to override cross-site I need it all behind Apache. Using custom port, bindAddress etc. doesn't work, since port 80 is already occupied by Apache. Using no-server option is not solution for now, since war folder doesn't contain all GWT static resources files (this will be fixed).

So any thoughts ?

Also did anybody get Javascript debug for GWT working with Firefox ? Addon was installed by IJ, but when I start debug mode, then browser without URL set is opened and even if i set URL manually IJ doesn't connect to firefox. It all works like charm just when I switch browser to Chrome.

And last thing, when I check "with JavaScript debuger", it creates run configuration for first time, but never updates it, e.g. when I change the browser to open dev mode in. Then two browsers are opened.

So it would be nice if I could set "startupUrl" in GWT run config and then it would open browser on that location and update existing JS debug URL/browser by GWT run configuration.


Pavel Zlámal


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