Is it possible to filter out injected Gorm methods in structure view of Grails domain class?

When I open a Grails domain class and view its structure in the Structure window, I see all the methods injected from the Gorm API, like createCriteria, delete, executeQuery, find, etc etc.

There are dozens of these injected methods appearing on a class which might have a couple of methods and properties.

Is there any way to suppress the display of these methods in the Structure window?  They really clutter up the display and make the Structure window almost useless.

Clicking "Show/Hide Inherited" does NOT work.  I presume this is because the Gorm API methods are injected (via AST transforms?), not inherited.

We're using IDEA Ultimate 15.0.1, Build #IU-143.382, but we've seen this behavior for quite a while.


Jerry Gaines

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Short answer - no.
We got plans to bring back Grails Tool Window, so you will see only Grails-related info there.

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Thanks, that would be great.


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