EAP 14 SVN issues

Is anybody else seeing problems with SVN with the EAP? Something kills our SVN server (it runs out of connections at random times) and I have the suspicion that it is EAP 14. The problem seems to go away when I use 13.1 instead of the EAP versions.

I know this is a rather vague question. But this only happens in long intervals (~1.5 days) and the server then is completely dead so that it's really hard to diagnose which client is causing all those connections. Logs are completely inconclusive. Anybody else seeing this for repositories in 1.7 (internal Java client) and/or 1.8 (command line client).


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  • What is your svn repository protocol (http, https, etc.)?
  • Could you please try disabling automatic updates in "Version Control" -> "Background" settings and check if problem seems to disappear?
    • Uncheck "Refresh changes every" under "VCS History Cache Settings"
    • Uncheck "Check every" under ""Changed on server" conflicts"

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