JDK for IDEA on OS X


I'm wondering what the plans for the default JDK are for IDEA on the Mac? Currently the default is JDK 1.6 but that doesn't support SHA-256 SSL certificates. The background of this question is: we're in the progress of switching out all old remaining SHA-1 certificates with SHA-256 certificates. This causes trouble for plugins that require https connections (i.e. TeamCity and Atlassian Connector). They all fail with spectacular exceptions on JDK 1.6

Is it safe to switch to 1.7/when will that version be the default on Mac?

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JDK 1.7 (and 1.8) seem to work pretty well to run IntelliJ. I personally haven't seen any real issues with the latest releases of the JDKs. Keep in mind that running under 1.7 (and 1.8) will force the use of your discrete GPU, so battery life will suffer accordingly.


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