Javascript debugger not working

When I start the javascript debugger in the latest 14 EAP, it doesn't hit any of my breakpoints.   It does launch the app & saying it is debugging & I see console output in the console window, but it never stops.

I went back to version 13 EAP, which does hit the breakpoints.   Version 13 has another weirdness with the java code which version 14 doesn't, so I would like to use 14 if it could be made to work.

Anybody else seen this?   Is there some change I need to incorporate to get this to work?

Thanks,  Beth

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This seems to have been a port problem.   The chrome extension connects to the js debugger over a port -- and it appears that Idea 13 & Idea 14 use different ports.   When idea started prompting me to check the port setting in chrome I got them synched & now it seems to work.



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