Debugging an Easyb .story script file?

I am working on a large project which I need to add additional web tests to.  Our testing framework is Easyb, which I gather is somewhat dated (around 2010):    

My IDE of choice is Jetbrains Intellij IDEA for Java development, and I've gotten the existing Easyb tests running fine inside Intellij.   However, Intellij does not appear to have any support for Easyb.   There's a plugin, but it doesn't seem to do anything besides changing the file type icon from the Groovy icon to the Easyb logo.

I can't set breakpoints, and, of course, can't break without the breakpoints.Has anyone gotten Easyb story debugging working on Intellij?

X-(  Also, can anyone tell me how to keep this flippin' site from reformatting my entire message when it publishes it?  Arrrgh....

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Feature request for Easyrb support would be appreciated at . Thank you.


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