C/Makefile support?

Is there a C/C++/Makefile plugin for IntelliJ version 15?

The plugin I had been using with 14 doesn't seem to have been updated to version 15.

I'm working on mixed-language projects, and using two different IDEs on the same project would be a horrible step backwards, when everything worked fine together in version 14. I really don't want to add CLion to my toolbox, if I already have IntelliJ on hand.

Please help, I don't really want to roll my install back, but I may have to unless there's a solution.



We are not aware of the third-party plug-is for this and there is no official JetBrains plug-in as this functionality is provided in CLion.

If CLion becomes a plug-in for IntelliJ IDEA some day, you will get these features. As for now, you have to use 2 products.


It is a shame that we need 2 products to work with Makefiles, I hope support will be added to Intellij IDEA at some point.  

Now it is Intellij IDEA, Webstorm and CLion  3 products, 3 licenses might get a bit heavy 


A number of Go projects that I have seen are using Make and it is really painful to edit Makefiles in IntelliJ since I need to insert tabs instead of spaces--but only for Makefiles.  I don't really care how you solve this but it would be really useful if you could make IntelliJ Makefile-aware...


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